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The Broadmoor
Colorado Springs, Colorado

About The Hotel

The Broadmoor is a Five-Star Colorado Springs Resort with impeccable service and distinctive amenities. Endless opportunities to explore the picturesque mountains, streams, and canyons. The Broadmoor is truly one-of a-kind resort with timeless elegance of an historic hotel.  The resort offers a day spa, fantastic restaurants (including the only Five-Star, Five-Diamond restaurant in Colorado, Penrose Room), 54 holes of championship golf, six tennis courts, indoor/outdoor pools and  retail shops. The Broadmoor offers an wonderful cultural exchange training opportunity set in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

Opportunity Details
  • Food & Beverage-$14.42per hour

  • Front Desk-$15.00 per hour

  • Reservations-$14.50 per hour

  • Culinary-$15.60 per hour

Housing Information 

Temporary housing is offered for up to 30 days upon your arrival while you find permanent accommodations. A list of apartment complexes located in The Broadmoor’s neighboring area to help your search for permanent housing, will be send to you. We encourage all participants to start researching permanent housing as soon as possible.   Rent in employee housing will cost up to US $225.00 per person, per paycheck. We will not arrange for males and females to live together and only those assigned to your housing accommodations may reside there. Violation of this policy can result in eviction and termination of your internship. 

A list of long term apartment complexes in the neighboring area with contact information will be provided.  2 Bedroom apartments, 4 people per apartment.  Estimated 2-4 miles distance from training site. Towels, sheets and pillows are recommended items to bring. Grocery store, bank, restaurant, pharmacy are estimated a few miles away. Apartment Details Below:

  • Bijou West – $220 per person, per paycheck

  • SCP Dorm rooms - $180 per person, per paycheck

  • Broadmoor Apartments –  $275 per person, per paycheck

Arrival Information 

Upon visa approval, please complete the form on this link, once you complete the Broadmoor will send more onboarding information to you.  Once you have made travel arrangements you must notify The Broadmoor’s Recruitment Team with a minimum of 14 days in advance via the following link International Team Member Arrival Notification.

Keep in mind that Housing address and directions, as well as First Day of Work and Orientation information, will be provided after the arrival notification has been submitted.   You are responsible for securing your own transportation to our housing accommodations (or any other accommodations you have arranged for yourself). For this reason, we strongly recommend that you: 

  • Plan to arrive between Monday and Friday. Human Resources is closed during the weekend; therefore, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to assist if something were to come up during your travels. Participants can arrive 2-3 days before their start date which now all start dates will be on a Friday (not all Fridays are start dates)

  • Plan to fly directly into the Colorado Springs Airport.

  • If you choose to fly into Denver International Airport keep in mind that transportation can be very costly (especially if you take a taxi). One form of transportation that is less costly from Denver to Colorado Springs is via public shuttle.  You can visit their websites at Groome Colorado Springs Shuttle  - Reserve in advance.  

  • You are responsible for the cost of transportation from the airport to the property/housing.

Additional Details
  • You will be provided with uniforms, which you will be fitted for, after your Onboarding appointment. The uniform will be cleaned for you free of charge. Uniforms do not include footwear. Please bring black, non-slip, closed-toe shoes. White non-slip, closed-toe shoes for pool positions. For your orientation dates you must attend in your uniform.

  • Free meal at the Broadmoor’s employee cafeteria for every shift you train.

  • Discounted rooms. Local business offer discounts.

  • Daily Transportation: Transportation is not included to/from property; therefore, all participants must arrange their own transportation to and from The Broadmoor. Lyft/Uber are available (each ride can vary in price between US $10.00 and US $20.00). There is also an accessible public transportation route, Participants can also rent or buy a bike/electric scooter/car.

  • We advise bringing enough money to support your living expenses for a period of one month. This amount could range between US$500.00 and US$1000.00, depending on your lifestyle. 

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