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About The Property

Old Baldy Club offers members and their guests a unique western experience in an elegant setting. The Club began as one man's vision of a retreat where friends could gather in comfort to test their skills on the golf course and along a trout stream. Over fifty years later, Old Baldy Club still pays homage to its founding traditions, while catering to the broad range of interests of today's clientele. Old Baldy Club is a Members only Club. Membership prospects must be sponsored by an existing Member.


About The Location

Saratoga is a town located in Carbon County, Wyoming, United States.

**Geography:** Saratoga is situated in the scenic Platte Valley, along the North Platte River. The town is surrounded by the Medicine Bow National Forest and the Snowy Range Mountains, providing a picturesque setting.

**Outdoor Recreation:** The area offers various outdoor recreational opportunities, including fishing, hiking, hunting, and hot springs. The Hobo Hot Pool is a popular spot, providing a relaxing experience in natural mineral water.

**Medicine Bow National Forest:** The nearby Medicine Bow National Forest is known for its diverse landscapes, including forests, mountains, and alpine meadows. It's a great destination for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.

]**Fishing:** The North Platte River running through Saratoga is renowned for its trout fishing. Anglers often visit the area to enjoy fly fishing and the abundance of fish in the river.

**Population:** Saratoga is a small town, and its population reflects the rural character of the region. The town has a friendly and close-knit community.

**Local Events:** Saratoga hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating its culture and natural surroundings. These events often attract both locals and visitors.

**Historic Sites:** The town has some historic sites, including the Saratoga Museum, where visitors can learn about the area's history, from its early settlement to its role in the development of the region.

**Scenic Drives:** The surrounding landscape offers scenic drives, allowing residents and visitors to explore the beauty of Wyoming, including the Snowy Range Scenic Byway.

Nearest Cities:

  1. Encampment, WY: About 21 miles south of Saratoga.

  2. Riverside, WY: Approximately 14 miles north of Saratoga.

  3. Rawlins, WY: Around 55 miles west of Saratoga.

  4. Laramie, WY: Approximately 125 miles northeast of Saratoga.

  5. Steamboat Springs, CO: About 112 miles south of Saratoga.

  6. Denver, CO: About 226 miles

Opportunity Details
  • FO/GS Associate = $16.00 per hour plus service charge share

    • Assist GS/FO/Lodging managers and their team working with guests, providing support, providing highest-level customer service and performing other tasks assigned by managers. Tasks to include but not limited to: bellman tasks, operating the switchboard, reservations.  This position requires experience in customer service 

  • Culinary = $16.00 per hour plus service charge share

    • Assist Chef & the culinary team with various kitchen duties/tasks. Tasks to include but not limited to: cleaning, prep-cooking, dishwashing and other tasks assigned by managers. 

Housing Details

Housing on-site 

Single rooms and shared bathrooms (Max. 4 ppl per bathroom)

Shared communal areas ~ kitchen, living space

Provided: basic furniture, washer/dryer access, Wi-Fi, towels, bedding, bikes provided upon request


Rent = FREE 

Security deposit $300 ($200 refundable if housing in good condition upon departure and if participant stays until the last day of their agreement)

  • Denver Intl. Airport (DIA).  Airport pick up is arranged by property.  Flights may only be booked after confirming with IHC (Diana) in advance and once a written confirmation is sent to the participant.


Additional Details​​​

  • Meals are provided 1 x per shift for FREE

  • GS/FO participants must bring black pants (slacks), black socks, non-slip SOLID black dress shoes/sneakers, white undershirts.

  • Culinary participants must bring non-slip SOLID black kitchen shoes and white undershirts.

  • Golf course usage (at the manager’s discretion)

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