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Host Property Interview Tips 

Interviews with a host property can often be daunting or a first time experience for an applicant. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your host property interview.

  1. Prepare for your interview by practicing speaking in English with a family member or friend, going through interview questions and answering numerous times to get the hang of it.

  2. Before the interview, research the website and social media of the host property. Be familiar with the location and host property.

  3. Have your smile ready and speak as though you are greeting a very important guest.

  4. Your speech should sound professional - slow down and pay special attention to annunciation. It is not the same as having a conversation with a friend. It is ok to take your time to gather your thoughts before answering.

  5. Attire should reflect what a team member typically wears when greeting a guest at a high end hotel.

  6. Have examples of how you work in a team, times when you assisted in creating a solution for a guest, stories of your best assets and to be able to clearly explain your front office experience.

Potential questions they may ask

What do you know about our host property? What do you know about the area of the host property (Colorado/Florida/Georgia, etc.)?


  • Be prepared with an answer on what you learned from researching online. This shows you are interested in the opportunity.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • Take this moment to reiterate your strengths. How you will be an asset to the hotel and how you look forward to learning the (hotel name) way of management.


Do you have any questions?

Ask a question about the host property to show you are interested in the opportunity. Such as:

  • I noticed on your website you have many different outlets. Will I rotate to each outlet or be at a specific location?

  • When is the host property's busiest part of the year?

  • What do you love most about being on the team at the host property?

  • What do guests love the most about the hotel?


AJ1 wants to see you succeed at the interview.  Smile and show your great hospitality personality.  Best wishes!

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