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Casa Marina and The Reach Resort,
Key West, Florida

The Casa Marina and the Reach Resort are sister properties both part of the Hilton Hotel Collection.  Both of these properties offer a high level of training, opportunities to cross-train at the sister resort and a great cultural experience.

About the Location

Key West is a small island at the end of the chain of the Florida Keys, just two miles by four miles.   It connects to the mainland (Miami) by US Highway 1 which uses a series of bridges to link the islands of the change (a 4 hour drive from Miami). Just about everything is a short walk or bicycle ride away. Limited public transportation is also available; however bus schedules are very limited.  Biking and walking are most common transportation options, bikes are available to rent or buy in the area. 

Opportunity Details

Intern/Trainee Program

  • Food and Beverage: $12 per hour guaranteed but rate will change based on rotation.

  • Culinary: $16.50 per hour

  • Guest Services: $15 per hour

Work and Travel

  • Resort Associate: $12 per hour guaranteed but rate may change based on position.

    • Retail, FB Assistant, Busser, Guest Services and assist resort team as needed​


Participants are responsible for the cost of transportation from Miami to Key West. The closest major airport is Miami International Airport, located 150 miles north of Key West a 4-hour drive.  There is a small airport in Key West with daily shuttle flights to and from several locations in Florida, including Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.   You may also travel to Key West via bus from Miami International Airport. Fare and schedule information is available from Greyhound Bus Lines.  Transportation: or 

Housing Details

Island living is not for everyone, housing on Key West housing is limited, expensive and very small.   Please consider this carefully. We have on site as well as off-site housing. On-property housing has limited facilities. Requests cannot be accommodated, it will depend on what is available at the time of the intern's arrival. Off-property housing is at: 3333 Duck Avenue, Key West, Florida 33040.

Shared housing with shared kitchen and bathroom with two people per bedroom.  Participants will sign a lease for the duration of their training period. Housing rules apply and are strictly enforced. Cost of rent is between $100-$175.00 per person, per week.  Deposit is equal to one months rent.  Rent is paid through payroll deduction. Utilities are included and housing is furnished with basics.  Participants must be prepared to purchase additional linens, pillows, blankets and cookware.

Participants can find their own housing with proper notice for reasonable cause such as dissatisfaction with living conditions, feeling unsafe, believe cost is unfair/unreasonable.

Other Information
  • Free meal while on shift

  • Cultural activities including Historic tours, museums, sea aquarium, trolley tour, managers breakfast/lunch. 

  • Must complete the online Hilton application and Microsoft Teams or Phone interview

  • Appearance Standards Strictly Enforced –  Additional details will be provided by Host Employer.

  • Participants will be provided the basic uniform, please bring or be prepared to purchase the following items:

    • Black/White Non Slip Tennis Shoes

      • White T-Shirt

    • White and Black Socks

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